Weekly Radar

Hello again on my new series of blog posts Weekly Radar, where I’ll be sharing everything that I read, watched and listened to in the last week and it’s worth to check it out. I’m basically obsessing over Bloglovin for quite some time now. It’s a platform where you can connect with your best bloggers and have all the new blog posts in one place. Bloglovin and Pinterest are my top inspirational sites I cannot live without. Otherwise, my life would be so grey and sad.

1. One of my favorite bloggers From Roses recently updated the look of her love and I’m loving it. In one of her recent posts, she writes about how her beauty routine has changed over time and which are the brands she loves and sticks to from the beginning. It reminded me of my beauty/skincare start – it was disastrous. I don’t know if I owned or used a daily moisturizer. Ever.

2. Another one of the top beauty posts for all of us swearing on more high-end foundations. At The beauty look book, you can read a very detailed comparison of the best foundations on this planet (that’s my opinion of course). The Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Foundation is on my wish list, but the Fenty Beauty one looks promising as well. I would like to compare these with the Armani one, that would be a top blog post!

3. I think the whole Slovenia was shaking in the last episode of Zadnja beseda. Lea (the YouTuber known as Lepa Afna) committedly represented our profession/hobby/ eventual future profession as bloggers. I praise her so much, I applauded from my couch, but I’m so deeply sad/angry/disappointed of certain members were so narrow-minded and conservative they didn’t even try to open Google and searched for how bloggers are making our money. I’m so sad some of us are still so prejudiced and short-sighted in today’s highly digitalized world. Would a blog post about this be interesting to you?

4. My dearest friend Martina was in a crazy serious car accident whilst working in the army in Croatia, where she’s a nurse. Her leg bone above the knee was crushed so it broke and was found in the car after the accident – reported to be contaminated and full of bacteria and dirt. Martina is truly a miracle I can’t even imagine. At the Zagreb’s hospital, one of the first thoughts was the amputation. After the biggest shock and her heartfelt request to save her leg, Croatian doctors did a miracle! The bone was prepared in a special incubator for re-implantation and after more than 11 hours of surgery, I can happily and proudly say my friend will WALK AGAIN!! So heartbreaking but wonderful, I’m really happy this horrible story ended so well! Great work team!!

5. My Pinterest is bursting from the beautiful posts of Istanbul, one of my dream cities. It’s not on my wish list for very long, but the urge to go is really big. Check out this divine posts from Salt in our hair about the two-night stay in Istanbul here, click.