Here’s to my twenty-six

I’m so fuuuuull whilst writing this blog post I can barely breathe. Birthdays are like some Balkan weddings in my family: three days long, eating too much and leaving with a headache (from too many guests or too much wine) more tired year after year. You instantly forget all the bad things when you think about how many good friends you have and a great family that’s ready to spend some time with you year after year. This year, I’m twenty-six.

Every year I get so excited waiting for my birthday weekend. It’s quite an important thing for me because it rarely occurs that I have all of my closest friends at the same time in the same place. That’s why I’m so grateful for these moments. I’ve been shopping, baking, decorating the place and preparing food all week long. In my family, food comes first. You cannot leave our party full and you should (as host) never run out of food. That’s why I’m still full two days later.

What is it like to be twenty-six?

I must admit that this year I had more fun celebrating my birthday than last year, for no particular reason, not that I recall. My heart is full of love and gratitude for my friends that stick with me no matter what. This year really wasn’t my best, it provided me almost zero opportunities, but still many heart-aches and life-turn-overs that had taken me a lot of life joy. That’s why I am especially looking forward to the year ahead, the twenty-sixth.

What do I wish for?

Much less anxiety, more short and long-distance travel, more joyful love, time with my loved ones, personal and business growth. Modest, right? Here are some of my weekend highlights: