Top make-up essentials for this winter

This winter I spent soo muchh money on everything. I will need a big spring cleaning in March. I bought myself lots of new clothes, jewelry and make up. I kinda changed my style a bit more in a grown-up way…
I’m writing this post to distract myself, because I have a good opportunity to get a chihuahua, for FREE! And it’s on my mum now, if she’ll say yes, well, I’ll be a mommy too ­čÖé
Back to the topic. I decided to write a review of my best winter make up..I’ll be honest and let you know my rating points, so you’ll know better if buy it or not.

1. Illamasqua raven mascara: I was always buying cheap mascaras for about 13$ that made my lashes look cool. Since i have blue eyes and my eyelashes are “blonde”, I wear black mascara everyday. This December I said to myself: “let’s give a try and buy one more expensive”. I came to the store and said that I wanted a mascara that will separate and increase my eyelashes and won’t stick lashes together. That lady immediately showed me this one, I’ve tried it and bought it. And I love it still. It costed about 25$ in M├╝ller. It’s a bit small for this price, but I think it’s worth it. It’s very soft, I spread two layers and it look great and stay for the whole day on.

2. L’Oreal Paris exclusive collection: Laetitia lipstick. My absolute favorite! It says it’s Laetitia’s pure red, but it’s more wine. I adore this color, it looks great with all my clothes and gets you a bit, you know, royal. It’s very soft and resistant, but I like to put it on with a lip brush, just to make your lips a bit more shaped. You can use a lip pencil too. I got this one from M├╝ller to, for about 12$.

3. Essence Come to town eye pencil 01 Make a wish. This one I love to wear with Laetitia. Smooth gold metallic kajal pencil makes your eyes look bigger and looks great with all eye colors. This one is very cheap, about 3$, but people would pay much more to have it. It’s available for limited time only, because it’s a part of Autumn Essence collection.

4. Chanel Rouge allure velvet (99 pirate) lipstick. Well, this one is a bit brighter, it looks like orange a bit. It’s creamy, but it doesn’t last for so long. Laetitia is the winner here. Also Chanel little lipstick like this one costs about 35$, which is not cheap at all.

5. Chanel Coco mademoiselle fragrance. No words needed. It’s expensive, I know, it costed me about 65$, but totally the best purchase in history. When I go out, I spray it also on my hair. Crazy, I know, but I love that scent so much! On New year’s eve a friend said to me: “Oh, God, you smell so good”. I spray it also on my coats, because the scent lasts until I wash them.

Tell me, what’s your favorite make up for this winter?