The guide to autumn health

Today i decided to teach you something about superfoods that i’m currently using in my life. These days i’m going to classes for whole day and i have literally no time for myself. At night i read an article or two in one of lifestyles magazine that my granny have me (funny actually, but my granny isn’t that old and she reads-and knows-all of “healthy living magazines”, so when she reads them, she gives them to me of course).
Yesterday i saw that most hot topic this season is how to prevent flu, cough, temperature and low energy that comes with autumn. Personally i rarely get flu in autumn, but you need to know that everything (wrong) that you do these months can affect your health in the spring or winter. 
My yoga teacher said that October is when your body should prepare for the winter and than we must rest. That’s why i think is important to take the vitamins and eat healthy food to prevent inconvenience that next seasons bring.
Here’s the guide How to stay healthy using superfoods (that i also use) :

1. Ashwagandha – They say this is a Indian ginseng. You can put a teaspoon full of it in tea in the morning or in the evening. In the morning it will give you energy for the day and in the evening it’s great for people who cannot sleep. Ashwagandha is great to fight daily stress, improve thinking ability and alter your immune system. People say it has a strong aroma, but i don’t think so. If you mix it with tea, it’s not bad at all to drink.

2. Fenugreek – Ok, it’s true that fenugreek is usually taken by people with diabetes, because it can lower blood sugar. Also if you have trouble with eating white sugar (and can’t stop eating it or replace it), fenugreek can help you. After some time you won’t feel a need to eat sweets. I’m using eat because some research show that it’s efficient for stomach pains that i usually have. I’m drinking one capsule after my breakfast and i think it’s getting better.

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3. Neem powder – Can’t tell you how great this little “guy” is. A natural antibiotic, helps your immune system to work perfectly, kills mold, helps against allergies. In India, neem is known as the cure for all diseases. This one really has a strong flavor, so i put one little (plastic!) teaspoon in lukewarm water, mixed with a juice.

4. Atractylis – I wrote about it on my Hawaiian tropic juice post. I put a teaspoon of atractylis in smoothies. It really doesn’t have any flavor 🙂

Think that superfoods aren’t just food supplements based on the TCM, but also fruit that you have in your garden. Raspberries for example, calendula, lavender, PUMPKIN …
But it is true you must find your perfect combination. And don’t just mix 10 different superfoods, or eat them all at once. Read about it before, when to use it, how much and ask a doctor if you take any special medicine. Most people can try most of superfoods, there are some rules for pregnant and breastfeeding women.
I wish you all a haaaaapy October.