The best Christmas outfit and my home made gifts

I know it’s been a while. It’s just…These holidays should be calm and peaceful, but I’m running around like crazy, trying to find everything that I need for Christmas presents, Christmas lunch etc. ALSO I still don’t know what to wear. I’m loosing my head, really 🙂 I made an attractive set on Polyvore and I just wish I could have everything by my side right now.

The mint cup of tea Christmas outfit

Yesterday I bought myself a glitter skirt, which I love. Now I have bigger problems, everything else. I’m glad that stores are open also tomorrow, which is the LAST DAY to find something that fits that skirt and some jewelry. 

I also remember me saying that I’ll tell you what my lovely friends got for Christmas. Well, I gave a present to my friend, and the other one (who still didn’t get anything because we haven’t seen each other – but I prepared a gift for her too!) peeked into her bag so she already knows what I’m giving her. Now it’s time to tell you what I’ve made:

So everything is home made, that’s what I love about it. And it’s from the heart, of course. I mixed a tea (Zimski čaj in our language means winter tea). It contains: moroccan mint, lemon balm, goji berries, vanilla, hibiscus, cinnamon and candied orange. Love this mix! In that spray bottle I made rose and lavander water, which is great for clean your skin or to “wash” your hands where you don’t have a toilet near. I cooked rose petals and lavander for half hour (just let it boil) and than I strained it.  Let it cool and it’s done 🙂 Simple as that. And the last thing is my hot cocoa kit. I put all ingredients in layers, so: raw cocoa, marshmallows, candycane, cinnamon sugar and a cookie.

I’m wondering what have you/are going to buy for your family? Have you made something at home? Please let me know, maybe I’ll get a hint on what to buy for my family too.

                                                               Happy holidays, xoxo