Secrets for Yoga starters

I’m totally into yoga these days again. My neck hurts so much because I’m fully occupied with my job and university assignments. I’m thinking about joining this online course to become an instructor, but I’m also taking classes in the city. I’m just worried about the validation of that certificate they’re offering. But well, I decided to get you some help for all those yoga newbies, the little secrets that’ll help you understand yoga process.


1. You don’t need to be religious to do yoga. You see those prayers and yoga trainers in India and they wear their national costumes and you think: oh, so I must be a Buddhist to do yoga. WRONG. Anyone can do yoga. It’s a technique to get more healthy, it’s basically an exercise program. If you do yoga individually, you can choose between numerous of styles and courses.

2. Begin slowly. This is so important. Yoga is not about pushing yourself as hard as you can. It’s about doing it slowly, stretching your muscles slowly and if you cannot do it, stop! If you feel dizzy (that’s very common in first few weeks of doing yoga if you’re a total beginner), just relax in child’s pose for a bit, and than SLOWLY stand up.

3. Don’t eat before you do yoga. Some asanas are upside down and you can get sick. Make yourself a bigger “post workout” meal.

4. No one worries about how you look like. And yes, some asanas are funny, some of them can make you blush, and some asanas (I know from faceforce yoga) can literally make you cry. Don’t worry. With yoga, you’re talking to your body and it can respond you so quickly. Take a moment for yourself and carry on.

5. B r e a t h e. And all the pain will go away. Doing yoga without breathing is like sitting in the gym doing nothing. Also, proper breathing while doing yoga can also get you dizzy.

Take your time and you will get used to it. And then, you are going to love it!