Saying goodbye and new dawn

My dear readers! This is going to be a bit more personal blog post that I intended to do before. I finally have a free afternoon after working a few days for 12 hours a day. Why, you ask? Because I’m finishing with my library job and starting a new one. I know, I know. Well, we got fired so I needed to get a new job asap and a lovely team in L’occitane en Provence got me a ticket to their world. And I accepted, of course. BIG DEAL, I KNOW!!  Everything is going and advancing so fast I can barely breathe. Before noon L’occitane, afternoon the library. I’m only working, sleeping and eating for a few weeks now. It’s been really hard to end a job you love, harder for me of course, because I’m not that used to those fast changes. I’ve been thinking a lot: did I do a good job, did I choose well?

I was thinking about how to end a chapter like this without getting hurt. You know that spring is a time of changes, new beginnings, refreshments… So first of all, I accepted the fact that my library work was done. I was a great and hard worker and people gladly accepted my help. That’s something that calms me down when my mind starts to spin around thinking like crazy and my anxiety rises. Sometimes, the best things in life happen spontaneously. I accepted my new job as a brand ambassador and seller in one of the best cosmetic brand in the world with an open heart. I needed to say stop to my thoughts several times and it wasn’t easy. I know my priorities. I’m still working on my web store as ViÅ¡nja, still thinking and brainstorming blog ideas (maybe this little one deserves some changes too?) and trying to calm myself down the best way possible.
With my new job, my new schedule, I will try to eat healthier and loose some weight. Also, I’ll try to start saving money for my summer vacations.

I started my spring cleaning at home and bought some fresh and colourful clothes to match and to fit in Provence 🙂 So far I’m doing good. I hope this new chapter will lead me someplace good.

    Love, M.