Sad, sad girl

Well, this news really put me down. I know I have to be though because of my future career as a psychologist, but I couldn’t resist staying still when I saw this.

It’s a story about a girl named Tugce, of Turkish origins, who was beaten to death in a parking lot in Frankfurt, Germany. She wanted to help some girls screaming in a toilet so she stepped into an argument with those boys to quell it upon hearing the girls screaming for help. The boys left the premises (it was Mcdonalds!) but when Tugce came out about an hour later, they were waiting for her in a parking lot. They have beaten her, punched her on the left side of her head. When she fell down, she hit her head to the floor and entered into a severe coma. 
The doctors said her left side of the body was dead and since there was no chance of recovery, her parents decided to let her die today, on her 23’s birthday. 

This is her. A beautiful lady, who just wanted to help. The boy who punched her with full force, remains detained.

The whole Germany got together and made a video with best wishes. They wanted her to survive, even if some of them didn’t know her. 

I literally cried watching this video. Since I also have German origins, I obviously feel so sorry about this incomprehensible injustice. I pray for you Tugce, it really breaks my heart.

                                                                    Ruhe in Frieden. <3