Rapid White Bleaching System On Test

I have thought about this post a for a long time. At the end I decided to post it, because my blog isn’t only about good or bad stuff, and since this is a PR product, let’s have a look. Rapid White tooth whitening bleaching system is a tooth treatment that should brighten your teeth for four shades in one week. Did it really?

In the set you get the accelerator, whitening gel, whitening toothpaste and dental trays in the plastic container. What you have to do is use the accelerator on your teeth, put some whitening gel in dental trays and wear them around 10-15 minutes. Then you wash your teeth with Rapid White toothpaste. It costs 20EUR and can be bought in every drugstore (for my foreign readers: Boots has it).

Now: I really, really, reeeally wanted (and still want) something that would look my teeth like Tanya Burr’s. I think the best way is to go to the dentist, pay a huge amount of money and there you go.

What about the Rapid White?

Honestly, this bleaching system is easy to use and it takes only a week. Anyway, the for the trays to stay on your teeth you must put them in hot water and then set them on your teeth. After a day, I needed to go after this process again and so one everyday. I don’t have much time, so this was hard for me to take time. At first you are a bit bumbling around with these tools so it took me 30 minutes to be over with it. Imagine this in the morning AND in the evening. However, I like the Rapid White Express strips more. It’s easier and doesn’t take so much time.

I like the toothpaste though. The only thing is there should be a lot more of it as well as more brightening gel. Anyway, if you decide to have like a pamper routine for a week this could be the thing. I can’t tell much of a difference on my teeth, but they are certainly not 4 shades brighter. I would give this set 3/5.

BUT: my blogging buddy and beloved friend Aleksandra loved her kit, check her review over here, click.

Have you ever tried The Rapid White? Did you like it?