People change – or do they?

This Sunday is perfect for reflecting a statement I heard about too much in the past few months. Summer is on top and of course you meet dozens of people as well as recall and see your old friends. However, friends isn’t the correct word anymore. Friends that used to be it. That’s correct. Why is that so? Because they’ve changed. Or at least they say so.

One night I was out. I needed a ride home and I saw my old friend. We chatted and he offered me a ride. He asked me if I am sleeping at home (where I used to live) and I told him I could just hop off in the city centre. He said: “Fine, because I wouldn’t drive you home, that’s far”. I argued: “Some years back you didn’t have problems like that”. And he answered:

“I am changed now”.

Are you? Not in a very good way I suppose. That’s just one of my (male) friends that declared him so. Probably you can really feel girls that change – if they do. I was then wondering: can the environment change you not in a good way?

I can’t tell I am different of changed from the girl I used to be a few years back. Probably I am wiser, sure, but I would still hunt the stars for people that are (or used to be) my friends. I cherrish that probably too much. Last day I came across this article that told me how to do a “friends cleanse” – to get rid of people you took care about but now don’t do nothing for your relationship to continue.

I did that a bit- or at least, I am thinking more more how to detox my life of those, that have changed badly. And not in a good way. I can see some years ago I had plenty of girl and boy friends – now only a few one. But those I wouldn’t change.

So I guess I am changed a bit?

Let me know your feelings about this topic down in the comments below.