It’s Not All About Instagram: Fun Online, Away From Social Media

Your phone and laptop are the perfect ways to escape the reality of a job you hate right now or a situation that’s been playing on your mind. However, social media may have a major part to play in whatever’s grating on you, and it can be difficult to ignore when you’ve got a load of notifications popping up on your screen regularly.

There’s nothing wrong with a regular scroll through Insta pics or Tweets; however, there’s plenty of ways to utilise your phone, tablet, or laptop, without checking out your social media feeds all the time. Therefore you might want to consider some other methods to distract your busy mind, and relax for a while; the following are some ideas and links to get you started on the road to a little online self care and mindfulness, and even some creativity!

Writing, Venting, And Blogging

If you need to vent about what’s been bothering you, or simply want to share the best distraction techniques you’ve discovered (credit where credit’s due); then why not start writing it all down in a blog. Writing a blog is an awesome way to record what’s happening (or what isn’t happening) in your life, give your honest opinion and reviews, or simply to post information about stuff you like.

Look into how to mount cloud drives as disks so that you can protect all those words, images, and the rest of your blogging data; you’ll become very attached to what you’ve written. A blog can be kept pretty private, or you could share it with as many people as you want; just try not to be too passive aggressive to that person that still hasn’t Whatsapped you!


Watching, Relaxing, And Escaping

Who needs a T.V. when you’ve got all the latest shows, pranks, and vlogs, on the internet. There are plenty of options that require you to pay, like Netflix; however, there’s plenty of free entertainment online too. YouTube shows content and music videos specifically made for that platform; it also has an array of past show episodes and older movies too. You could spend a rainy afternoon watching something hilarious, instead of worrying about when a certain person is going to reply to your Whatsapp message.


Playing, Focusing, And Unwinding

There’s nothing quite like an online game to distract your mind (and to also help to stop is from going numb), and there are thousands of free options to choose from. If cards and strategy are more your thing; you could check out casino games, puzzles, even planning and building, or strategy games; these will keep your brain going, and become a fun pastime too. You don’t have to play alone either; you can join a tournament-based game and meet gamers from across the world to join you in the fun; great for those who love to be social away from social media.


Reading And Learning

Writing might just not be what you’re into; however, reading other people’s blogs is a great way to get more information on what does interest you. Blogs and websites are a route into online communities and friends, who can help distract you for hours on end. The best blogs and sites are all out there, so why not have a scroll to see if you can find anything that you like. So, next time you go to press your Twitter app to see what people are up to; stop and redirect your attention to something more fulfilling.

Do you agree? Let me know what do you think in the comments below:)