My L’Occitane Travel Essentials

The cold days are finally over! I already did my spring cleaning of my mind, apartment, wardrobe and skincare of course. I started travelling and enjoying the hotter days. However, my body complexity is really mainstream this year. Getting older means taking better care of your mind and body, not necessarily spending tons of money on skincare that contains the same ingredients and something cheaper, but in a way of finding some brands you love and sticking to your routine. Yes, the routine is something I think I will never be able to maintain. However, I now understand my body needs: moisturizing my body and my hands, some lighter textures for my oily skin and a good shampoo and mask for my hair. That’s it.

Well, when it comes to skincare I can be complex too. L’Occitane offers some products I love since I was working for them (and that’s a long time). Having a chance to know their stories and product into the deep made me really a fan of theirs. Here are some products I never leave my house without (especially if I’m going away travelling for some days).

The excitement I felt when I discovered L’Occitane’s Limited Shea Collection by Rifle Paper C0. was intense! I love them! Obsessing over them! This was the best, I had to have it. However, the whole collection wasn’t available in Slovenia. I was a bit sad – I really wanted a cute storage box full of minis. Nevertheless, I pampered myself with a classic Shea butter hand cream. L’Occitane’s hand creams are top. I always buy a travel version for my thousand bags.

Terre de Lumiere (pinky version was the second collection- L’Eau) is my favourite scent in L’Occitane. They never ever eveeer had a scent this pure and intense. L’Eau was “inspired by Provence at first light, the serene notes of this tender, floral fragrance evolve slowly, like the unfolding dawn.” For my taste it’s a bit too gentle. I’m a total fan of their new Intense collection, which won’t be available in Slovenia, but you can get it in Italy or Austria. Trust me, that’s a wrap!

Here are some refreshing products – also for my skin! Aqua Réotier Ultra Thirst-Quenching Gel is a fresh face gel that hydrates your skin and leaves it flawless. For my oily skin it’s just perfect: it absorbs fast and doesn’t leave that shiny look on my face. Like a cream, but lighter. Opening the lid you can see thousands of little bubbles nourishing your skin with water. Oh, you can see them also in the picture. Your face looks like you slept over 8 hours (even when that’s not possible for us students:))

On top of that I still love my L’Occitane Pivoine CC cream. I raved about it here, click. It still is the reason I don’t wear foundation every day and also protects me from the sun. This is my third bottle I think and I’m repurchasing it again!

My all time favourite L’Occitane collection is Aromachologie. Bath salt, black soap, relaxing pillow mist and of course the Rebalancing face mask. I think it’s not available anymore – at least online. I bought mine in Italy. This scent is divine – it helps me get rid of all impurities on my face, gives me that healthy look without shine. Also, it’s perfect for redness and reduces down the inflamed areas. The tube is elegant and perfect for my travel bag. Love it!

What are some of your favourite products to take with you on your travel?