12 Days of Dora: How to maintain sanity during holidays

December is definitely a time full of emotions, work, jumping from one activity to another with a thousand thoughts in our head. We mustn’t forget anything, God forbid something goes wrong, everything has to be on point; decorations, lunches, festive gatherings, baking, add another half of a cup of 8-hour workday and then time for yourself…you have none. Not a single minute left in the day. So how do you calm down and stay sane during this euphoria, how to stay in touch with yourself and not drift headlessly around?

Stick to your schedule:

At least in December, I try to have a plan for everything I do: Christmas baking, celebrating, decorating, visiting friends, blogmas, etc. If you are more a digital type than the actual planner one, make notes in your calendar. I have synced my calendars on the phone and PC, so I can see from any device what I’m up to that day. This way you stress less and have less on your mind.


Mindful techniques:

I have described the exercise »What I hear/see/smell/taste/feel« that you can do anytime and anywhere – at work, school, home, bed, chair,… And try to be in the moment for some time. Do a body scan. How’s your body feeling? If there any tension, is it comfortable, soft in certain spots? How does the body feel about the chair you are sitting on, bed you are in, etc.?

Such rapid relaxations can quickly release any body tension and get back in touch with yourself. The best part of it is that you can do them anywhere, no one will notice (except if you close your eyes – which you totally can, why not)


Take time for yourself:

Take a part of the day (the best are evenings) when you fully commit to be with yourself. Write a diary, make yourself a Christmas bath, maybe a home-made hair mask, pedicure, watch some Netflix or a Harry Potter marathon, which is always a good idea. Try to stay off the phone, put it on airplane mode and just take time for yourself.


Don’t try do to tons of stuff in one day:

I always feel so tired when I have a thousand things to do in one day. It’s always best to set a day for one thing: gifts, family or friend visits, cleaning day, etc. The totally wrong recipe is: work 8 hours, do a quick cleaning, get a coffee with mum and later a friend and at last find gifts for everyone until the malls close. It’s not gonna work, is it?


Don’t compare yourself:

The hardest thing on social networks is accepting everyone around you without comparison. Hint: try to see other influencers as an inspiration, not a game of who is better. Instagram mostly doesn’t represent reality and people don’t actually live in fairytales as presented in the picture. I don’t live in a fairytale either. So don’t compare yourself to anyone, but see them as an inspiration to grow.


So tell me, how do you look after yourself at the end of the year? Do you ever feel it’s too much to handle? Let me know in the comments down below 🙂