Love from A to Z

When everyone is getting totally in the mood for upcoming Valentine’s day, I’m just thinking how clichè did we make this festive day. All heart covered up from head to toe, pretending to love one another dramatically and “erase” all conflicts and disagreements for a day, just to let everyone know we are another great couple? I’m not buying this.

Just like Carrie experienced all the things she wrote about I was thinking to do the same this. So I asked some people I know about their Valentines day. Here’s what they said:

A friend of mine (male) thinks that having a feast that glories love is great, but you actually don’t need it just as reminder that you have to buy something for your significant other. “If you can’t buy your lady a rose on a random date, don’t buy her one on Valentines day just because you have to.” He thinks that small attention during the year means a lot more that the one on Valentines.

Another lady thinks that Valentines day could mean two things: Boasting about what your significant other bought you, the big gifts or a ring you wear so proudly, on the other hand she exposes this feast as a reminder to really take time to yourself and your significant other, to pamper yourself, go someplace together etc. She thinks there isn’t about gifts that make this feast, but something deeper. The only bad thing about it is that we only take time to really express our love on this day.

Here’s what I think. On Valentines day we only talk about our significant others. Valentines day could be a feast to really remind you firstly about yourself, to take time as we do for New year’s resolutions and think about what makes US happy at the first place, who are we, what do we want to become, is there anything we would like to work on or change on OURSELVES? The love we feel about ourselves is much more important than the one we share around. If we have a lack of self-love, how will we express it to others?

And by others, I mean our family, our true friends, our animals, people we work with, our lovely place we live in and our significant others. Where are all those persons and things during the rest of the year? Do we live apart from our parents and we call them only once a month? Do we take a day in our busy week to have a good lunch and talk with our friends? Do we really?

I don’t. I can honestly day I don’t take enough time to spend it with my friends. But since the love day approaching, I have written down the things I need to work on more to spread love more.

1. Take a day for yourself. Go get a massage or go swimming more often.
2. Call your friends more rather than texting them.
3. Make sure to spend enough time with my animals. They are always there for me, so I need to love them twice that much back.
4. Spend more time with my true friends. Take coffee, go shopping, go swimming, go to a dinner. Have a good talk.

How do you feel about Valentine’s day. Is it really just about our boyfriends and girlfriends? Where are WE in this mess? Would love to read your comments about this topic.

                                                                     Love, M.