Little Things That Can Transform Your Work Habits

Being an entrepreneur with good work habits sounds like an easy gig, but it is far from simple. Sure, you get the benefit of working from home and being the boss and have your own work habits. But, you also have to deal with working from home! As you know, sitting in front of the TV with a laptop can affect your productivity.

In the grand scheme of things, a low output will harm your chances of success. In other words, entrepreneurs need to be productive at all times to not become another statistic. As it happens, a few basic additions to your life can make all of the difference.

A White Board Calendar

Life rushes by when you have to make quick decisions. You have to organise meetings, pay bills, and attend events to make contacts. While you’re trying to do this, you can lose track of time and forget about important dates. Sometimes, it has no effect whatsoever. Other times, it can be the work habit that brings your operation to its knees.

A white board calendar will help because it allows you to track your movements. If you have a meeting on a certain day, pencil it in. Well, you should use a marker, but you understand the expression! Organising your timetable means there is no need to forget about essential information.


A Coffee Machine

It goes without saying that this only applies to people that like coffee. If you are a caffeine addict, a machine can work wonders. For starters, it will get you out of bed in the morning on time. And, it will also increase your ability to work even when you’re tired and can’t be bothered. Coffee is good like that. In fact, just the sight of office coffee machines is enough to make most employees increase their output.

Another reason a coffee machine is so effective is that it encourages you to take a break. Working hard doesn’t mean working all the hours God sends. It means doing the right things at the right times. Sometimes, sitting back and enjoying a mug of liquid gold is beneficial because it improves your focus.


A Host Of Electronics

The topic of electronics isn’t an easy one to navigate. There is no doubt that some devices ruin your output. But, it’s also irrefutable that some increase productivity levels. What isn’t hard is to understand that you need the ones which enhance your work. The hard part is to know which ones they are because the lines are blurred.

A smartphone is a perfect example for entrepreneurs. Phones have lots of apps which allow you to multitask, but they are also an interruption. What should you do? You should get a work phone that you only use during office hours. That way, your friends on WhatsApp won’t be a disturbance. Other useful electronics include a printer, a tablet, and a speaker (music helps some individuals). Lose the TV as it will upset your focus.

They are only small additions, but they make the biggest difference. Just remember that bigger isn’t always better and you’ll be more productive than ever.  Do you use some of them?

Love, M.