So Last Year: Makeup Edition

My dear little online family! It’s been one crazy year of 2017, some crazy last days of the year and some big changes in my life through the year. I am planning a bigger blog post about it as well. Currently I’m totally into my mid-terms and writing, working like crazy and still enjoy some of my free time with my loved ones. Of  course I have been loving some great high-end makeup last year. Well, to be fair, it’s the one I’ve been using this year too. Is it due to it’s great pigmentation or moist? Let’s see.

I’ve been obsessing over high-end makeup this year! It’s been a dream I could save some money from the blog and try some great brands. You know how much I hated my NAKED 3 palette from Urban Decay? When I saw NAKED HEAT and it’s colours, I knew I needed to give Urban Decay another shot. Guess what? I’m in deeeeep love with the Naked Heat palette. Warm colours that set my eyes on fire, long lasting and really, really great pigmentation made me change my mind about this brand. Well done, Urban Decay. Applause.

Can we just take a moment for the ABH Modern Renaissance palette? Yes, thank you. I won’t waste a lot of words. You just need it. I haven’t seen anything like this ever in my life. Heavenly pigmentation, colours you can wear all day and night long (for us glasses wearers), soft shades, really worth the money. I wish the shades could be just a bit bigger, just to have more of them.

Aside from palettes, since I’ve discovered the L’Oreal Paradise Extatic mascara can be THE DUPE for Better than sex mascara, I wear it daily. Perfection in a mascara. Enough words, just try it and you’ll see.

Since I love kissing (haha! jk) I’m taking care of my lips the most. I’m absolutely obsessed with Clarins lip oils – I own four of them. They are always with me in my purse of pocket. You can ask my friends. I hate lip glosses because of the obvious – glossiness, but I’m fine with those oils. So moist and nutritive, the oil rejuvenates my lips like nothing else (maybe only the NUXE Reve’ de Miel lip balm, which doesn’t have the gloss but still lasts forever on your lips).

I’m still loving the matt on my lips – all the time! On the go, I discovered the NYX Lingerie matt liquid lipstick and can’t stop raving about them. I own a few of those of course, the winner is the NYX Embellishment shade. Other than NYX, Deborah Milano Fluid Velvet Mat Liquid lipstick are just heaven on earth that last almost ALL DAY! I’ve never been a true fan, but those lipsticks are life!

In 2017, I became an OHH – Obsessive highlight hoarder. Last year (and currently) I was raving about Too faced Love Light Prismatic highlighter, which I still think I will be using just by the end of the winter. From than on I recommend Becca Glow on the go set. I own a travel size one and it’s still like new. Just a tiny bit and you’re glowing and shining. Like that Edward the vampire. For a budget version try Tanya Burr’s Illuminating powder that could be an easy replacement.

To fix my fresh makeup I can’t live without the Urban Decay All Nighter fixing spray. Repurchasing this one – full size next time! You know when I party – I party hard. No rain, sweat or heat can put my makeup down when setting with All Nighter.

The other brands I adored last year and will be discovering them more in the 2018 are: NARS, Bell Hypoallergenic, ZOEVA, Charlotte Tilbury, Essie, etc.

Love or tried any of those? Would love what you think 🙂