Exploring the coast: Kik fashion

This month I was a part of my very first blogging event. Thank you Kik! It definitely was a breakthrough in my existence in the blogging world. When it comes to fashion I cannot say I am a fashion blogger. Nevertheless, I am a fashionista. By this I mean I swear to looking good every day in a new way. I don’t own  any tracksuits or similar because I tend to look good in a dress. Even at home.

I had a blast on Kik’s new store’s celebration. I meet some of my fellow blogger friends and beautiful Urška, which I thank the most. To celebrate this moment, let’s take a look into some fine pieces from Kik store. I can say Zoja is happy with her purchase as well. Love Kik!

Shirt: Kik
Bag: Kik
Skirt: Kik
Shoes: Deichmann
Earrings: H&M