How to plan your year + FREE PRINTABLE!

Hello again! Well, yesterday me and my family had a one-day-after-Christmas lunch together. It was great having all of my people at our house. We had so much to eat and I’m full for a month now, really. Today all of them went home and I started to “worry” about the new year. I don’t know if I have any plans, anything to change,…Yesterday I talked to my boy about that and we decided to go swimming once a week, starting in January, so this would be our resolution and I’m fully ready. You know how much I love swimming and water in general (here’s why).

I still have to think about how my new life will look like next year. They say you must forget everything and start from the bottom again. A blank page. I could do that. It was a difficult year this 2014. I was ill for a month in SUMMER!, had problems in college and, well that’s a good one, started my mintcupoftea blog. I don’t know if I learned something. Definitely not how to worry less (that could be also my new year’s resolution).

I feel that I’m not the only one in this. I hope there is someone like me that still doesn’t know how to (re)start in the new year. Since I’m a psychologist I emphasize personal growth so much, that’s why I decided to made a worksheet “REVIEW 2014 AND PLAN YOUR 2015” that can help you with your planning.

                                                      You can download the worksheet here!  (Just click: click here to start download from Sendspace on this site)

The first part is to reflect your 2014 and the second one is to build a base to the year of 2015. It’s free and I hope you will use it to see how strong you were this year and what you need to do and how to take care of yourself next year.  If you have any more questions on how to use this worksheet or anything else, feel free to contact me.