Hawaiian tropic juice

It’s YIMT (yummyinmytummy) day. Today i have an appointment for lunch at 2 p.m. and i was so hungry already at 11 a.m., although i ate a lot for breakfast. What can i do, i eat a lot. When looking for something to eat i found pineapple in my fridge. Hm, pineapple, coconut water…Sounds like a super healthy juice? Yes it does.

So this is what i did:

I named this juice Hawaiian tropic because of the ingredients. Here’s the recipe: In a Nutribullet (or whatever you have) mix a handful of pineapple, a glass for coconut water, a handful of goji berries and a half teaspoon of Atractylis. If you don’t know, Atractylis is one of the most important medicines in TCM. This kind of herb is not rare, that’s why it’s not expensive, but highly appreciated. It’s stronger than ginseng, it strengthens the Yang energy and that’s how it encourages physical strength and energy. Great to use. I use it a half teaspoon in juices, smoothies or teas. It doesn’t have strong flavor so don’t worry 🙂

Try it!