Gucci Flora: Gracious Tuberose Review

If someday you would said I would love peach and labdanum in a scent I would laugh at you. Look at me now, I totally fell for Gucci Flora – Gracious Tuberose. This fragrance was launched on 2012, but it’s still a must have for spring.

I was introduced with Gucci Gracious Tuberose last year in Sephora. It was discounted and I decided to give it a spritz. It was love at first “sniff” 🙂 Top notes are incredible, peach and violet leaf. They bring me back to a hot springy day, when I was exploring the woods nearby my house.

It’s a sort of bouquet of scents,” said Gianni. This fragrance is feminine and sparkly fruity (IDK what’s wrong with me, this is the second very strong fruity scent that I absolutely adore). In middle notes you can sense African orange flower and strong tuberose with roses on side. I think the middle notes last the longest. Base notes are labdanum and Virginia cedar, but in my opinion disappear quite fast.

I love to wear Gracious tuberose through the day. Can’t say this is an evening scent nor it is very strong. I was expecting to last quite longer, but I can’t say so. And the lower notes aren’t as intensive as I would like.


Have you ever tried this fragrance? How did you like it?

Love, M.