Getaway: Portopiccolo, Sistiana

My lovely readers! It’s been a while and I’m sorry, but my mind was fully overbooked and I needed some time for myself. All good now, ready to take you someplace nice. Portopiccolo lays surrounded by some of the most attractive sightseeings in Upper Adriatic – Castello di Miramare and Duino Castle among the Falesian cliffs. The city is statued among the famous marine looking at beautiful former quarry. It’s nice, soooo quitet, there’s no noise, pollution, traffic. A perfect place to get lost.

It’s luxurious, it’s quietness makes you refill your energy at it’s fullest, there is no noise, the locals are so friendly and funny and I just want to spend a week there reading my books and enjoying that marvellous pool at the Beach spa looking at the Duino castle and dreaming about the wrong time I was born in 🙂

How to get there and how to get around

Arriving to Portopiccolo is almost best with the car. There’s is an enormous underground parking garage under the biggest part of the city. It’s around 40 minutes from Koper, Slovenia or 30 minutes from Trieste. No crowds, a highway leads you right by the seaside and than you just follow the marks. Arriving there the best way is to leave your car in the underground garage, which costs 1,50 euros/hour. You can get around by foot because it’s tiny and you can explore most of the city. If located in a hotel, there are those little Flinstones veichles availible and of course your private chauffeur – we mustn’t forget it’s luxurious – therefore, it’s a bit on the pricey site.

Make sure you wear something fashionable, try their gelato and don’t worry about the money – it’s the money well spent and there are memories that count.

Love, M.