[:en]First Gift Guide: Quick Gifts for Her[:]


Dear readers! I know that all the stores are packed with Christmas essentials and gifts already and I hate it honestly. Where’s the spirit when starting so soon? Do we appreciate holidays like we did some years ago?

I know I’m a little obsessed with all this December since this is my month, but all this early kitsch in stores is too much. I make my tree on 1st December, that’s kind of ideal time to have my home really festive. BUT: since I will be busy (travelling, I hope) in the first days of December, I won’t be able to buy all of the gifts at once. That’s why I need to start thinking about that now. I am always wondering what to but my good friends for holidays.


Gift guide for her


Here I prepared a quick guide for gifting your girlfriends. There will be more posts like this later on Blogmas as well. I know I have some of my close friends that I would like to gift as a reminder of love and appreciation. I am a true spender when it comes to gifts for my loved ones, I don’t look at the price. Nevertheless, these gifts are all very affordable.
I would really like to know what are you planning to buy for your girlfriends or best friends for holidays – let me know down in the comments, inspire me please.
And since this is a bit more festive blog post, I can happily announce that I will do BLOGMAS this year as well. I will plan even better posts than last year, gift guides and giveaways. So stay tuned and keep reading. I will be blogging from 1st to 24th of December every day. You can check my last year’s Blogmas from this post on here, click.
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Love, M.