Favourites: Spring edition

Spring brought me lots of changes. I started my blog series with Blogging tips, finished with my therapy (I’ll write a proper post about it) and got a new job at Monsoon Accessorize. I’m happy, but with spring comes a little tiredness every year. I am trying to stay as healthy as possible.

When it comes to makeup, I have been very very VERY good girl. I don’t spend a lot because I’m saving my money for the endless summer. However, I have brought together some of my favourites that I can’t live without those months.


Firstly, non makeup goods. I fell in love with Milk and Honey again and again. Rupi is such an inspiration and a strong woman with clear messages to all of us. I bought her book in the town the other day more expensive than my lunch but never mind – it is a keeper. Also spring is perfect for some light reading. I hate how all magazines are based on advertisements but nevertheless I love some articles with fashion tips etc.

And then it’s all about the LIPS! I was in the capital for some days and couldn’t get home without a spree in Golden Rose. They have a brand new lip markers line and let me just take a moment to say THANK YOU for those good. I got mine in number 102, which is very light and springy. It lasts literally all day. Drinking, eating, babbling, everything. A must have this spring!
Also my springy love is MAC Lustering. I rarely buy a MAC lipstick, but when I do, I make sure I spend at least 30 minutes trying on all colours. Now I own only two of them, but I use them daily. Really, really good.

Heart is made with Golden rose and line with Mac.

Those are my spring fav nail polishes. L’Oreal 440 Cherie Macaron and Zoya Lake. Both are so long lasting with a base and top coat I can’t even tell. I wish Zoya would have wider brushes, because the application is a bit nasty 🙂

Of course my latest obsession is Zoeva. I couldn’t wait for my first two palettes to come. Frankly, the hype is real. Those shades are incredible. I haven’t seen anything like this before. Soft, blend really well, shimmery just as I like. Top. I must make another purchase soon 🙂 Which palettes do you recommend? Let me know in the comments below.

Oh, I almost forgot. My top scents! Roberto Cavalli Paradiso Azzurro as Blue Paradise is a luxurious and aromatic scent perfect for spring and summer. Top notes: bergamote, lavender and orange, base cypress, cashmere wood, amber, sandalwood and a bit of vanilla. Long lasting, fresh and spicy. Yum!

I’m loving also the good old L’Occitane Red Cherry and Avon Little Sequin dress – I hyped over that one before. Tropical and fruity – never thought I would love it. But here I am.

Tell me, any springy goods you love this year?

Love, M.