Easy sweet Saturday

Hello friends!
Today i will show you how to make a simple raw chocolate that tastes magnificent. Really. Yum.
It looks like this:

This version is my favorite, with goji berries and almonds on top of it (if you didn’t know, goji berries are GREAT antioxidants and great for your immune system- really, eat them as much as you can:), almonds on the other side are great source of magnesium – for healthy bones, muscles and nervous system).

So what will you need to do this kind of chocolate?
1. Raw cacao
2. Cocoa butter
3. Coconut sugar

What you need to do is just melt about 3-4 tbsp of cocoa butter on low heat, than add about 2 tbsp of raw cacao and more than 2 tbsp of coconut sugar. It must be very creamy. Make sure that coconut sugar is well dissolved.
Than just pour the mass on a plate where you put baking paper, add some fruit or nuts and leave the chocolate in fridge for about 30 minutes.

Let me know how it was:)