12 Days of Dora: Giftmas

We sailed slowly into my favorite month, December. Christmas, my birthday, holidays wrapped in the arms of my loved ones and the now traditional Christmas trip – who wouldn’t like all that? I do have tons of work here on Dora Ward, since I’m doing 12 days of Dora, which is my kind of blogmas, reflecting on the year and everything I achieved and want to achieve in the new decade coming soon. This year I’ve been a thoughtful gift buyer than previously…I will show you today how I did it and give you some ideas for this years’s presents.


This year I planned to buy more gifts online than in stores themself. Why? Because that way I have a complete overview of my basket because of all the discounts and I can see how much money I save and spend. I ordered some stocking fillers and beauty bits for Black Friday already.

Firstly, I made tons of post-it notes on my Google Keep. Later I labeled the notes on what to give everyone. I waited until Friday when the discounts were highest, but I did my research beforehand and save everything I wanted in favorites. Then, on Black Friday, I removed sold items from the favorites and selected the ones I wanted. If I picked something I didn’t have on my list, I replaced it in my Google Keep so I didn’t but tons of things I didn’t plan to.

My friends and I decided not to give presents on St.Nicholas this year and get only Christmas presents, so I saved some extra money. However, we give presents for St. Nicholas in my family, so I got only some small things for my mom and dad.
I took the list seriously and avoided extra spending. I got quite a few questions on what I want for Christmas and birthday, but I didn’t have a list so I didn’t have an answer. I put together my Christmas wishlist only a few days ago and you can see it on my first blog page under My Christmas wishlist. You can also help yourself with that if you don’t know what to buy for the ladies in your life.

Because I know a lot of my readers don’t have a clue on what to get for their friends, family, and significant others and then their man reads my post since she has it open on her PC, I made lists for both genders, for couples that live together, mothers, dads, boyfriends of even yourself. I’ll take you through the lists:

  1. Giftmas for her


2.  Giftmas for him


3. Giftmas for couples:


4. Giftmas for your bestie:


To each gift I add something sweet, usually some Lindt chocolate candy or some booze, like a fancy gin. This year, I decided to pack everything in these IKEA gift bags, which are wonderful and affordable.

I’m really interested in what are you going to get for your loved ones, especially for your significant others and dads – I’m often without ideas here. I’m looking forward for the comments down below 🙂