Disappointing Products #1

I thought this could be readable. A lot of my followers requested Disappointing products posts, but I truly rarely buy something that doesn’t fit me. Anyway, this month I got some bits I wasn’t pleased with at all, so read on what I do not recommend buying or trying.

1. Balea Bodylotion Golden shine. I got this lotion saying that it’s like The Nuxe shimmer oil, so I thought Oh great, for 2 EUR, I’ll get one. Later it showed it’s a total opposite of Nuxe oil. The scent is terrible, it’s sticky and all it has are little gold glitters, which aren’t really worth it. I can’t tell about their Golden shine spray, but if the smell is the same, it’s no not worth the 2 EUR – you should go to a cup of coffee for that! You are gold? I bet I am.

2. Catrice LE ICONAils last up to 7 days without a top coat. Yes, it does. But the thing it does to my nails is unbelievable. They crack, get all dry and other that shorten them for 90%  I can’t do. They say the polishes are rich with Acai oil – the state of my nails can’t tell that. I can tell you about tons of other nail polishes that do so much better job. This is a disaster. Luckily it’s LE 🙂

3. L’Oreal Fine Flowers Cleansing Wipes. I got them for sensitive skin in a travel shop for around 4-5 EUR. Where to start. The wipes aren’t really that wet. The scent is nice though, maybe too floral for people that are sensitive. I’m a huge fan of L’Oreal Paris as a brand but those wipes aren’t nothing special. They don’t remove my Maybelline mascara nor much of other makeup I wear.

4. Too Faced Better than sex waterproof mascara (travel edition). You know I really rave about the classic Better than Sex, because IT REALLY IS! But this one? I though it should be better because it’s waterproof, but it isn’t. I got mine from Sephora. It was dry (even though it was new), didn’t lengthen my lashes and it really wasn’t waterproof. I was so disappointed I can’t even tell. The little one is around 10$, since the full size regular one is 23$ – not really a bargain either.

5. GlamGlow Powermud Dualcleanse treatment. I got mine when in Italy for 22$ for a 15ml (0,5 oz) – reaaaaally pricey! But ok, I thought, for my oily skin it should do it’s job. The thing is – it has done nothing. It’s not compact, but very light textured, not very pleasant scent. I thought it would be a bit greasy but it isn’t at all. My skin wasn’t cleaner or much brighter using it. So disappointed because I heard a lot about the brand and because of it’s price I hoped for something bigger than just a rinse-off cream with some brown granules that just don’t do the job.

Did you have any positive thoughts on those products?