Currently on 1st December

Wintertime! I’m so excited. I love this month, this is my month.
Of course I’ve made a big Christmas tree in the living room, my one and only Christmas village and my Christmas sock. I’m totally prepared for everything this end of 2014 will bring me.

On Thursday I’m going to a Christmas market in Triest and I can’t wait. I just hope the weather will calm since it’s raining like crazy for some days now. I feel like I live in London, not in some Mediterranean country. Since then, here’s my currently list.

1. Listening: To my boys Death cab for cutie. Their music gets perfectly along with this month. I wish I could see them live once, it’ll be such a pleasure.

2. Loving: My Christmas tree. And some hot chocolate. And s’mores. And my red dresses, ready for some dancing in our favorite club.

3. Hating: My psychofarmacology notes and literature. I can’t study now, but the exam is coming so fast and I need some more intensive study nights. Or days. I just hope it won’t ruin my month.

4. Reading: I got a new book today: How to be a Parisian. TrĂ©s chic. I started reading it before and I found out I have most of tendencies to be one. Of course. Anyway I strongly recommend it, it’s so funny! I got it from book depository, they have some sales now, so hurry up!

5. Wanting: To bake. It’s too late now, but I’m planning some cookies for this Saturday. I love baking before my birthday (the 16 December), just to be prepared. Last year I’ve made ginger cookies, cinnamon cookie and some cookies with home made jam (I’m going to do those also this year). I’ll share photos and recipes for sure.

6. Thinking: About Christmas gifts. For my two best friends from college I’m planning on doing something like a DIY cosmetics and some home made sweets. I think they’ll love it (I can’t tell you more because I know they read my blog so, let this be a surprise:)

What are you currently doing? Do you love December as much as I do? What will you bake this year?