Before Coco, she was Gabrielle: Chanel Gabrielle

“Before she was the designer Coco Chanel, she was Gabrielle. A rebel at heart, passionate and self-ruling, she freed herself to become the woman she wanted to be.”

This is a fine looking post over here. I am a mademoiselle myself, always in need of a good fragrance. We do have to admit Chanel isn’t really affordable, but you are not a true Parisian with one bottle, at least small. I started on a Chanel route with Mademoiselle indeed, it was my first high-end fragrance I bought myself for my birthday. A lil’ gift from me to me.

Why was it love at first…sniff? Because I know fragrances, but I haven’t found a scent so well built up until Mademoiselle. A structure so fine, long lasting, feminine; but in a way you feel loved when wearing it, even if there is no one around you (Yes, I have an unexplained passion for fragrances. And yes, that’s why I talk about them like they were my lovers – which they are). But then came she. Gabrielle.

I am in love with this name. It brings back the Mademoiselle Coco was before she was Coco. She was (only) Gabrielle. Like I am only Mikela. Who knows who will I be a while from now? Will I be a Coco?

The fragrance itself doesn’t have traditional notes as we are used to with all other fragrances. You know, top-heart-base? Forget it! The first smell is the one that keeps your senses alive for a really long while. It lasts forever. It is really timeless, priceless. I haven’t discovered a fragrance that was a sheer perfection before this one.

The nose behind Gabrielle is Oliver Polge. You know La vie est belle? Yes, that’s also him. It’s set around four points of light in white flowers: orange blossom, ylang-ylang, jasmine and Grasse tuberose. It’s a classic floral fragrance. Timeless.

And Karl, this is for you: if you will make a bag from this story, I’ll make sure I’ll save every penny and get one!