Blogmas: The perfect festive red lipsticks for Christmas


It’s a festive day at my house. Got my Buble singing on Youtube, got my lights on, delicious candles and well, I’m also wearing a Believe in Santa sweater. I’m heading in the city next week so I need to be very careful not spending too much this week. Anyway, I came across the idea to share with you my perfect festive red lipsticks.

When it comes to lips I adore bright colours. Winter is the time of the year for red. Also I’m passionate about more darker colours, but in December I rarely wear them. Most of the time I combine nudes and reds.

I actually got the L’Oreal colour riche palette Extravaganza as a gift for Saint Nicholas. I never understood this ultimate obsessions with lip palettes, thought they were unhandy. But look at me now. I think those colours are to die for. The reds are bright and other ones with glitter, just perfect. I would definitely want more pigmentation of non-red ones. They are good lasting colours and the application with little brush is good.

I got these two lovers in my Tanya Burr advent calendar. The darker one is called Berry Pavlova and it’s my favourite. It’s literally a lip gloss but really good pigmented. If I tell you it smells like berry pavlova, you wouldn’t believe me. You need one for this time of the year.

Another one is brighter, much brighter in fact. Called Christmas stocking, this is a matte lip “cream”. Also, smells divine. It’s quite thick and very Christmassy. Love it!

The NYX soft matte lip cream in shade 01 is the longest lasting lip product I own for this holidays. It’s really bright as you can see in the picture down below. I would definitely love to wear it on some kind of girls night out more than parties with my job for example.

Down here the darkest shade on the left is Essence Lights of Orient matt lipstick, second one from the left is NYX, Tanya burr lipgloss and Tanya Burr matte lip cream.

Do you have any favourite red lipsticks for upcoming Christmas? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, M.