Blogmas: Birthday wishes


I turned 23 this Friday, yay! Your wishes on social media really made my day the best. Thank you all for your kind words. I just wanted to let this post speak by itself. My birthday was full of people I love and best presents ever. I can really see myself as a grown up now.

I got flowers, Kindle reader (thanks mum and dad!) and some really high end jewelry. My home really seems like a lil jungle 🙂

I had like a small party which was more lunch, coffee and pastries all afternoon with my family. I am planning to invite some of my friends to a small dinner as well. In the morning of my birthday I was kind of nervous because of my anxiety but at the end everything turned out really good. My family showed me how important I am to them and I am so grateful to have people like that around me.

Yup, here’s my cake. It’s a double mousse cake with orange in the middle. Yum. Frogs? I don’t know why. I was singing “Žabja svadba” too much probably. And wasn’t even drunk!

Love, M.