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[:en]It’s late and I know it, but I’ve been baking and enjoying this time of the year. And planning of course, I could never forget about you guys. You know I’m the girl who’s obsessed with Christmas. Earlier today I discovered a full drawer under my bed filled with winter clothes. OH, and there were a bunch of Chrismtas sweaters and t-shirts there too. Some of them are ready to be worn again this year, but I’m not so happy about cute Christmas sweaters looking like a pajama, I need them to be cute so I could wear them anywhere. That’s how this post was born.


Christmas sweaters
Have you seen them? So cute. Those tight ones like the gingerbread one is so cute to wear it with a mini skirt and sneakers. And those comfy ones could be ideal with jeans. The cookie baking crew is made for me for the first days in December. My house smells like cinnamon and spices and I’m ready to bake, bake, bake all day long! Or night.
Maybe after this long day is really time to go to bed. Tell me about your sweater collection. Do you own any Christmas clothing? Socks don’t count 🙂
Love, M.
Christmas sweaters