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[:en]It’s blogmas day two! I opened up my next Tanya Burr 12 days of Christmas beauty calendar box and I got this sooo cute little nail file that fits perfectly in my small every day bag. For today I prepared something other. I must admit, the hardest part of buying gifts is gifting my male-friends and significant other. I just can’t get creative and buy anything else than very useful things 🙂 Here’s a quick guide:


Gifts for men
Male scents and perfumes are something I love searching and buying. Although they can be really expensive, a good perfume on a good man is something I love “seeing”. If you are looking for a gift for your boyfriend of a friend you know very well, skincare products are the best gifts! You must know the skin type your friend has and find so many great products for men skin care. If you have a bit bigger budget, search for a Daniel Wellington or a good suitcase if your boyfriend travels a lot. Well, everyone needs a good suitcase anyway.
I really want to know what are you getting for your boyfriends and male friends?
Love, M.
Gifts for men