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My dear readers! First I wanna thank you so much for your enormous support and all good wishes you sent me within my last post¬†about mental health. I’ve got so many messages from all of you and I appreciate it, I really do. Today however I wanted to bring the Christmas spirit back and so I did a little bit of homeware inspiration with some bits and bobs on how to decorate your apartment, room or dorm in a Christmassy way.


Homeware Christmas set


I just hope I won’t be sick so much from tomorrow on because on Friday it’s my birthday and I’m throwing a small party for my family and later I’ll spend the weekend with my loved ones.
So yeah, I already did some Christmas decorating in my apartment, some artificial flowers and fruit, some cute candles (the Yankee ones don’t last even a few days with me), a soft blanket and a few new cups for sipping my tea.
I need some brand new cute glasses for Christmas and maybe a coffee machine (finally)? I’ll put that on my Christmas wish list. Actually my mum asked me yesterday if there’s something I want for Christmas? Who knows…
Have you already decorated your home?
Love, M.
Homeware Christmas set