All you need are books and tea

My dearest! How was your Halloween? Mine was super duper, as expected. We went to a club where our friends had the role of deejays, so we danced a lot, laughed a lot and had a really good time. I was glad to be surrounded by my dearest friends.
I told you before i had a bit of cold in the last few days, but nevertheless, i went out. Of course i was dressed like in my whole closet because it was so cold. However, i went home with much bigger cold than last week. I couldn’t breathe, had stuffy nose and sore throat. So i decided to pamper myself a bit.Feeling down

My guy bought me The Bible (i mean Cosmopolitan) and made me tons of tea. I was literally in the bed for two days, but now it’s better. Here are some tips i decided to share with you on how to get through a cold:

1. Don’t worry. Colds can last for some days and you shouldn’t worry about it. Just lie in bed, let your friend, boyfriend, mum help you, make you tea and hot soup. What you need to do is relax.

2. Take medicines. Could be all natural, of course. But i use Tantum verde pills for my throat and an oil from St. John’s wort for stuffy nose- it’s like the best natural medicine you have ever tried. Personally i think it’s bad if you don’t take anything and just wait your cold to pass. It lasts longer and you still aren’t sure if you are healthy enough.

3. Do what you like but you can’t do everyday because of your full schedule. Read a book you wanted to read for so much time, watch a Mistresses marathon, sleep, take a long bath,…

4. I strongly reccomend not to watch sad movies. You’re so sensitive in those days and you don’t want a movie to pull you down totally. Romance movies with happy end are the best!

5. Wear cozy clothes. And make sure you don’t feel cold. Wear socks also when you sleep.

Tell me, how do you spend days when you have flu or cold?