Accomplishments VS. Goals

                Happy New year to all of my readers! I wish you all the best for the future.
My Bff got me a cute little notebook for my birthday (similar to this one) and I didn’t know what to write into it. Suddenly I found out that I will seriously need a blog journal this year, since one of my resolutions is keeping the good work with this little one that you’re reading. The first page is about my accomplishments from 2014 and my (big, bright) goals for 2015. I’m so glad that 2014’s finally over. It wasn’t one of the best years of my life. I’ve been sick almost all summer, got a severe anxiety, but nevertheless, I accomplished a lot.


1. My one and only: Mint cup of tea. Starting a blog in 2014 is like going to swim with sharks since there are so many bloggers. But I needed this. This is my life, my relaxation, my future. I needed someplace I could go and write about things I bought, things that happened to me and my plans. I’m slowly growing, in those three months I got 3k visitors and a lot of new followers on social media. I would still like you to comment more often, I’ll be super happy.

2. I started doing yoga. For real. Big time. I finished first part of course to become a yoga teacher. Love it. I didn’t know how peaceful you can get while gently stretching your body and repeating some mantras. Three years ago my heart was in theatre, but because of full time college student I couldn’t do that anymore. You can’t imagine the sadness in my heart. Now I feel in love again, this time with yoga. Even though theatre is something I will never forget.

3. I got help for my anxiety. I saw one of my favorite bloggers Dana from The wonder forest had the same problems. I’m glad I’m not the only one, but like I said, as a future psychologist I’m trying to spread the word that anxiety isn’t a disease, but a temporary condition and it ends at some point. If you have the same problems and you want to talk about them I would love to hear your story! I got help soon enough to already feel some differences in my behavior. 

4. I made a progress in college. It’s my final year, yay! I’m studying like crazy and want to do everything as soon as possible, so I could finally start living as a true grown up (did I say that?)

5. I got a student job. As a writer for a local healthy shop. I’m so happy and doing my best of course. They seem to like me a lot. I don’t earn much, but I still love this job. It’s great because I can work from home. Before that it was hard for me to work somewhere, because I literally had to be in another place for some hours and I had so much work for college to be done that I couldn’t work like that.



1. Personal. I decided to work on myself a bit more, to treat my anxiety and other health-related problems. I hope I will stay strong with all of the stress college is causing me. I will do yoga and swim once a week. I love water. This year I’ll travel more. I’ll finally go to Paris! Imagine that! I hope I could live in Graz for a month, that would be really good for me. This year I will say YES more often. And NO if needed. I won’t spend so much time doing things I don’t like.

2. Blog. This year I’ll find a way to get more readers. This is my first year in blogging and I love it. I will think about a new template, fresh and new downloads, tips and advices. I decided I’m going to post more about beauty products, review them and show you how to make your own cosmetics. I hope I’ll find a magazine or some people to work with, share thoughts and explore new things. If you want to work with me, do some guest posts, please let me know.

3. Organization. I totally want to grow my organization skills. I bought myself a a new planner and a little different one, where I would keep on track my  personal life, personality and figure. And since finals are coming, I need to learn that quick 🙂

4. Get a diploma. I still haven’t written more than 6 pages. I feel like I’m going to lock myself in a hotel room, eat their great food and just write, write write like crazy. I can’t wait to close the computer and say: I DID IT. And than there will be party with cake and champagne.

5. Get a puppy. After my diploma, my boyfriend’s parents will get me a puppy. Bright days are coming. I will totally replace being so much online with my little baby girl, her name will be Zoya. I will pamper her more than myself. I know my mum will be angry for a lifetime, but I really think I need a distraction. And some love my puppy will bring me.

        I would like to know what are your goals for this year? Are you planning anything exciting?