5 things about me nobody tells you about

I made myself a cute little study spot in my apartment that’s on a very sunny side, very bright and pastel exactly as I like. Being so productive over here, but not for my Uni. I need to get my (you know what) together and start with my projects. Dues are almost here. Anyway, I just recently discovered the Instagram templates and opened myself a bit more to all of you. Later that day I couldn’t sleep. I was thinking about what are top 5 things about me only my closest ones know about. Because I also want this blog to be more personal and make a cocoon with all of you my dear readers, here are some things about me you should know 🙂

1. I rock at learning languages. Poor family of mine 🙂 I talk with them on the phone in Turkish, I joke with my best friend in Spanish, I chat with my Nanny in German and I talk with tons of friends in Italian. Since living just a quick step from Italy, I feel the need to grow my knowledge every day. But living in our capital makes it a bit hard since no one really speaks Italian there. I try keeping up with some movies, chats on the phone, etc. My father is German so it’s kind of a legacy that needs to be worked on in my life. Alles klar? Gut. Spending my summer in Croatia means that (of course) I speak with them in Croatian and well, about my English…Trying to level it up to a native  🙂 My dreams? French, Dutch. Why not.

2. I cannot keep a themed Instagram feed – I talked about that here, click. I keep my Instagram as my book of memories from my life. Of course I’m trying to have a cute and well polished feed, but I don’t spend 10 hours a day searching for the right # to insert under my photo. I value true memories over falsity that happens too much these days on social media. That’s why I don’t go to some events so often and don’t work with some brands – I rather stay true to myself.

3. Living alone has changed me. In a good way. I don’t panic so often anymore, my anxiety doesn’t kick in every week and I really found out who real friends are. Dealing with such a broken heart for the first time on my own, being ill on my own, taking care of things such as bills, insurance etc. on my own is a big deal for me. And it’s hard, I find it so challenging at times. Thank God my friends stay by my side everyday and we go together through all of this. I don’t know what I would do without you. Thank you.

4. I could design my place in a different way every season. Interiors are my passion since high school. Spending hours on Pinterest and changing some bits here and there to make my place a better place to stay is something I dream about every night. I wish I could also earn some money designing spaces for people.

5. Death fear of airplanes but would gladly travel the world? That’s me over here. My new year’s resolution for this year was to go somewhere with an airplane. I think I am ready, but there is still this gigantic fear of being so high and cannot control the situation. My hopes are I would love flying so much I could go somewhere real far. New York state of mind? 🙂

Feeling familiar with some of the things? Let me know in the comments below what are some things about yourself no one tells you about.