24 Hours in Lido di Jesolo

Lido di Jesolo, a part of  Venetian riviera with stunning views welcomes you with long beaches, tons of hotels and families enjoying the sun. Lido offers you around 15 km of coast, sandy lovers can enjoy the sea promenade just to wander around the beach. Italians are very proud of this city, young people are enjoying their evenings on the beach playing volleyball, chatting and drinking some Spritz.

Lido di Jesolo is known for their hotels, bars, nightlife and views.The location of this city is perfect if you would like to explore also some other cities or enjoy a quick shopping in Outlet Village Noventa di Piave.  It lies just a quick ride from Venice airport, 30 minutes from Venice, and 20minutes from Noventa di Piave. Italians say (my friends) Lido is perfect for summer getaway when there are lots od people and beach festivals.

However, I wasn’t impressed with the city. Maybe because it came early, the summer is not here yet so there aren’t tons of people enjoying sun on the beach. The city was a bit dirty, no life actually. Some restaurants were open and a few bars, but the city is literally: hotels. One by another. No cute little houses Italian style, no cute greens, nothing. Just a beach and tons of hotels. Not really my kind of vacation. I would probably enjoy two days of total reset just chilling on the beach reading my book, but I would love some more action going on.

Anyway, if you are passing the Lido di Jesolo, I recommend renting a bike for a long ride through the city, but take a walk on the beach when the sun is going down. The sea however is beautiful (you know my connection with the sea), people are sooo nice, and don’t you dear leave this city without trying a carbonara and a gelato. I highly recommend the Amalfi restaurant that’s part of the Amalfi Hotel. However, here are some cute postcards from Lido di Jesolo, enjoy 🙂