2017: Goals

2016 was the year that went by so fast I can’t even recall. I am happy it is over, finally. It didn’t bring me that much joy I wanted. I am so looking forward to 2017, seems like those rare numbers are gonna spice up my year. And I don’t even like numerology ūüôā Here are some goals from the last year and how was I dealing with them. And here are some goals I’m planning to achieve this year:

  1. Work on my mental health.¬†This anxiety is killing me softly and what I want the most is get rid of it or learn how to continue living better having it. Until¬†now my progress isn’t really exactly what I wanted. I read a lot of anxiety-related books but I cannot look bright forward. This is a major step for me and that’s why it’s on the first place.
  2. Travel.¬†This one was my plan for 2016 and I’m keeping it for 2017. I need to see Florence this year. And go to my summer vacation in Croatia.
  3. Love myself more.¬†I never spend money on treatments like facial or depilation or anything like that, because I can do it by myself at home. But it’s truly not the same. What I want this year is to pamper myself with some good treatments in the salon. Even my mum does her nails once a month! And she never spent a cent on treatments! Here I need also to include that I need to establish better pamper routines at home.
  4. Take blog and photography on next level. I am planning to expand my photography equipment and learn how to make better blog photos. At the same time I hope to work with more cool and bigger brands this year (one really, really good collaboration is on the way, so keep reading) and gain much more followers.
  5. Maintain fitness. I need to get rid of more than 10 kilos this year. I’m still searching for the best diet and my goal is to work out 3 times a week. I am so lazy when it comes to working out. I would rather buy myself a fitness than go to one in the town. But I’m very committed and I will do it.
  6. Change master’s. From October on, I’ll probably change my master and leave my Uni for another¬†place. I’ll study Psychosocial counselling. This was a huge decision but I love it so far.¬†Justneedtoworkonmyanxiety.

I would so like to know what are your goals for this year? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, M.