10 things to pack in your travel health kit

It’s been all about health these days. I’m “studying” for my next blog post about sunbathing and preparing great tips about that, so I came up with the idea of showing you what’s inside my travel health kit bag. You know you shouldn’t leave your house without it, right? Now we are all thinking about vacations and maybe some of you don’t think you need some medicine, but take this as a first aid.

1. Patches. You can use them to prevent blisters or to quickly stop a small bleeding. Razors are the enemies 🙂 I have regular ones and waterproof ones as well. If you can find patches for blisters that’s also great because they contain some creme that helps calming skin and get rid of blisters.

2. Urine test strips. I had so many problems with my urinary tract and was also hospitalised because of an infection, so those little strips are so great to take them wherever I go. Basically it’s a quick test that all emergencies have. That’s why when I’m in “trouble” I don’t need to go to the hospital every time, I just take the test at home. You don’t need any medical knowledge to see if you have an infection, it’s all written on the box. Check the segmentation (if you have any blood in your urine that could be a sign of an infection), but you can also see the PH and some other stuff. Great thing, great!

3. Remedies for stomach-ache. Oh, I hate that. I have a full natural pharmacy with me on the go, because my stomach can cause me so much trouble. I have the homeopathic remedies if I’m sick, to prevent vomit, some pills and granules for aching. Those one saved my life a few times, so they are my BFF’s.

4. Bach essences. They are not really helpful with my anxiety but their Emergency cream is great for (bug) bites, mosquitos, aching, redness, etc. It’s really good.

5. Treatments for pain or high temperature: some paracetamol could do the job. Aspirine, Lekadol, Diverin are some great medicines from our country. I also have those for cramps or headache. You never know.

6. Treatments for digestive problems: I usually have some tea prepared on the go because I’m natural remedies freak, so anise, lemon balm, mint and some digestive mix. I also have Waya probiotics for digestion health.

7. Sore throat pills. I was actually on the holidays two years ago when my throat  started to hurt. Without pills I would been quiet all week! 🙂

8. Aloe vera gel. For sun burns, mosquito bites, anything really. Aloe vera is mother of the relief.

9. Anti motion sickness: medication if it’s really bad, I use the Sea-band bracelets on the acupressure  point on your wrists and they work great. You can buy them in DM or pharmacy.

10. Supplies: anti-bacterial gel, wet wipes, condoms, ear plugs, healhy-care documents, etc.

Here’s what my fellow bloggers have in their travel health kit bag:

Polona from Uniqapoly says she always puts her patches and patches for blisters, Rutacid for stomach pain, Ranital, paracetamol, treatments for mosquito bites and probiotics in her travel bag.

Kristina from La dolce vita isn’t really a big fan of pills. Anyways she takes with her patches, some microporus tape, herbal pads for pain (I love those too!), Aloe vera gel, natural remedies for mosquito bites and shea butter.

Ajda from Ajda-tjasa-beauty   can’t leave for holidays without antibiotics (just in case), paracetamol, WAYA probiotics, carbon, remedies for stomach pain, mosquito bites and things for curing injuries (anti-bacterial gel, patches,…)

Tell me, what do you take with you on holiday? 

Love, M.