10 things I’ve learned in the last year

Hi my beautiful readers! I know it’s March but it’s never late for a “10 things” post.  I’ve been thinking about everything so much lately, I couldn’t even sleep one day 🙂 Thinking about all the things I’ve learned in the last year, I can proudly say I am so much stronger as a person, my personality is doing better and I know how to handle a lot of things. I needed this post to look at it at the end of the year and be proud of what I’ve accomplished and what will still be on my to do list. So here’s what I’ve learned in the last year.

1. It’s OK to be busy. But you need to know how much can you handle. Be careful please! You don’t need to risk a burn-out because of those three jobs you are working and you like neither. Make a schedule and push yourself towards your goals (but not too much). I’m working two student jobs, am a good (yes, good!) blogger and I’m a student between all those things.

2. It’s never too much writing to be done. That I’ve learned at the end of last year. I love writing since my high school, but I was never brave enough to show the world what I can do and how do I think. Well, guess the time has come last fall, when I relaunched my blog, and this time for good. I apply to a lot of blogging and writing assignments all over the world. Why? Because it’s fun to take 20 minutes a day and think about something important people would like to read about.

3. It’s OK to say NO. When there’s too much. I’ve been working every day, came home, slept for 2 hours because I was so exhausted and than studied late. It was too much for me. I became sick and I knew my body is trying to tell me I couldn’t handle it anymore. Now I don’t work so much anymore and still have a bit more time to breathe and process everything that’s happening. Today I was thinking how busy I am: I don’t remember what do I eat!!! That was really a red alarm (and some more pounds alarm).

4. Listen to your body. Like I said before, your body is your best friend, it’s telling you when to carry on, when to stop and what to do! But you’ll learn that hard way probably, like I did.

5. Take time for college. Go to classes which you think are the most interesting and important for what are you going to do in your life. Take great notes, read books and do some extra courses. I’m ending my positive psychology course this week and it’s been hard, but worth every penny. I learned a lot, I will be able to get a certificate later and to do LKM, yay! I’m so proud of myself.

6. Make little but valuable friends. I think I mentioned this in one of the previous posts, but it’s so important to me. As you’re growing up you see that some people aren’t worth your time. Let them go and keep those who you really are who you are. Those that you can call anytime to ask for advice. Those are friends that you’ll invite to your place once and you’ll have a chat and a glass of wine. Or a bottle, whatever 🙂

7. Invest, invest, invest. In your wardrobe, in your education, in your blog, in your business. It’ll be worth it.

8. Without yoga, I am nothing. I’m not healthy, my mind is not free, I feel like a prisoner without yoga. Nothing feels as good as after yoga class. I’ve invested (look at no.7.) in a great yoga mat, leggings, water bottle, everything to feel even better.

9. Be kind. This one I’ve learned from Ellen DeGeneres. “Be kind to one another, bye bye”. Problems are solved faster and in a better way.

10. Remember you’re unique. Do something (or anything) you like. If you don’t want to live in that app., don’t, if you want to go to China, go, if you want to make home made jewelry, I’ll buy that. You are incredible and capable of doing anything that you love.

                                                       So be kind to one another, bye bye 🙂