10 Christmas post ideas

Dear friends! And bloggers. I prepared a list of topics you can write about if you have a writer’s block. If so, go to a special place (and that could be also your IKEA desk you love so much), make yourself a cup of coffee or maybe a Christmas tee (you can make it yourself: mix some hibiscus, raisins, apple, papaya, orange peel, coconut and cinnamon, pour over hot water and enjoy). Listen to some Christmas songs (I love Baby it’s cold outside) and start writing:

1. How did you celebrate Christmas when you were young and how to you celebrate it now? Write about if you spent time with your family, what presents did you like the most and what have you done on Christmas eve.

2. Post you best Christmas recipes.  I’m also preparing some recipes for my Christmas cookies, but right now I have a bladder infection and I can’t bake. But that’ll go away soon, stay tuned.

3. Christmas gifts: Here you can write about tons of stuff: What did you get last year, what would you like this year, what will you buy for your family and friends…On Polyvore you can explore a lot of gifts. I made this set, that’s what I wish for Christmas.

4. Post some photos on how did you make you Christmas tree, which ornaments do you like best. Here you can also write about the presents that wait under the tree. I wonder who are those for?

5. Best Christmas songs. I make myself a CD every year and listen to it in my car all December.

6. A DIY Christmas project. You can make a stocking stuffer, ornaments, decorations,…

7. Visit some of the biggest Christmas markets and blog about them. I know that in Berlin, they have about 80 markets. Awesome, right? 

8. Blog about Christmas activities for your kids (or little brothers). They can help you bake, decorate. Don’t forget children are so intelligent and creative. Let them with some branches and decorations and see what happens.

9. Ideas for Christmas cards. Totally creating them at home. I don’t buy them for years now. It’s so nice when you put all the crafts on a table, listen to a tv (yes, listen, don’t watch it while crafting) and create!

10. Do you still believe in Santa? If not, who told you first than Santa doesn’t exist? What’s the story behind it? I remember when my mother told me how she and her brother hide under the bed to wait for Santa to come. Than they fell asleep of course and they wondered in the morning: HOW DID HE GET IN OUR ROOM? 🙂

 Follow those steps to create a holiday inspired blog. Enjoy.