Valentine’s night out

My dearest readers! The wind here is like a hurricane, it’s so cold I didn’t go out all day yesterday. But I had plenty to do. I wrote some posts for other pages, need to do another for my best site where I work as a freelance writer, Ladieslife of course. Also I bought a gift for my boyfriend for Valentine’s day. Let me just say I’m not a fan of this “holiday”. It’s great to have a good movie and a chocolate near and that could be all. This year we (a.k.a me and Mr.A – need to find out a nickname for this man) are going to see 50 shades of grey of course. He got us tickets and I really cannot wait. Those books are really the best I’ve ever read, also the trailer doesn’t look disappointing although people had some bad comments about those main actors. Well, I like both of them.

Today I’m going to show you my perfect look for Valentine’s day-night 🙂 It doesn’t matter if you are going to celebrate it alone or not, you can also go to a party, since this year Valentine comes on weekend. Yay!

Valentine's night out

Even if this is a red holiday, I don’t think we should wear red. Or a lot of it. If you choose a red dress, combine it with black, that looks great. This combination of plum-bordeaux and navy blue looks so good. Love that combination. Me and my bff always say that you look like police if you wear blue and red together. I think it looks awful, although it was pretty popular a year ago. That’s why bordeaux color looks much better, because it’s darker.
Since here is cold like in the North pole, I think ankle boots are perfect for evenings, but you can choose high boots as well. Don’t wear too much jewelry, just some basic black necklace and small earrings.
You can paint your nails in one of those dark red-bordeaux color as well, choose soft eyeshadows and eyeliner. And MAKE A PEELING of lips (for those great kisses – and for the single ones because you never know:) before putting lip stick on.

You are going to look fab!

Also, don’t forget to check out my upcoming post from a new guest blogger. It’s about Valentine’s fashion from her angle of view:)

And of course let me know where are you going for Valentine’s day.