Guest Blog Feature: Valentine’s Day

When I think of Valentine’s Day, I think of
love, hearts, roses, red.  So it was only
natural to want to wear a red dress to a romantic Valentine’s dinner with my
husband.  The only problem was when I
went shopping for that sexy red dress, they were all sleeveless and short.  Sexy? 
Yes.  Practical in freezing temperatures?  No.  I
admitted shopping defeat and went home with one last hope. 
I flip open my laptop and look through my
latest retail promotion e-mails.  One of
my favorite sites is having a killer sale on Valentine’s Day dresses.  There it was. 
Amongst hundreds of sleeveless, short, red and pink dresses lies a red
long sleeve, full length dress.  It sounds
matronly, but it had a deep V-neck, thigh high slit and cut outs on each side
of the waist.  Daringly sexy and totally
unexpected.  I had to have it.

It was the perfect solution to looking sexy
and not freezing at dinner.  I paired the
long red dress (from
with a pair of gold pumps (from DSW), a gold clutch (from ALDO) and topped it
with a long pink faux fur duster (from Forever21).  Red dress, check.  Looking sexy, check.  Staying warm, double check.  Drop the traditional sleeveless short dress
this year and wow him with something unexpected.  Sometimes sexy can be found in the most
unconventional ways.
Guest post by  Chelsea K. Ray.  With Degrees in
Fashion & Journalism, and years of experience in personal shopping, closet
organization and writing, she has made a career in Fashion Consulting and
Blogging.  She specializes in everyday
fashion on a budget, so everything she features on her Blog is accessible and
affordable.  Follow her at: Http://

Thanks Chelsea, it was great working with you.