Perfecting The Business Side Of Blogging

Blogging is great fun. Us bloggers? We get to put our ideas from pen to paper and share our writing with an audience. The skills we need for blogging are varied. Bloggers need to be creative to come up with ideas and they need to be skilled at writing to get those ideas down and constructed in the written word. Bloggers need to always be on the ball and looking to improve their content creation skills so that they are always impressing their audience and putting the best work out there. There just isn’t any other way.

When you start to take blogging seriously (and that means as more of a business endeavour, but you can still blog seriously by treating your blog well regardless of whether it makes you money or not), you will realize that the pond of skills you required before, now seems much more like an ocean.

A true ‘welcome to the real world’ sensation, in effect. When you want to make money from your blog, effectively you need to transform into a businessperson without losing your blogging personality.

You can certainly learn a lot of sales and business skills through training with companies like Frosch Learning but you also need to put in a lot of work yourself. The business side of blogging is tough and might sap a lot of the fun away from what got you into blogging in the first place. Don’t worry though! If you do want to make more money from your blogging and turn it into a full-time gig, you’re going to have to add business skills to your repertoire. That doesn’t mean that the fun will be sucked out of your blogging though! That only happens if you allow it to happen.

What do you need to do to perfect the business side of blogging? You need to promote your work, you need to be organized and you need to be able to sell without disenfranchising your audience who have given you the opportunity to be able to make money from your blog.

Promoting is easy and should come naturally to any blogger. Creating relevant content and tying it into the current discussion on social media should be what all bloggers do anyway. Running well-curated social media accounts is something, again, that bloggers should do anyway. Organization is a bit tougher. A lot of people get into blogging as a hobby, but for it to be taken seriously, it needs to run like the subway.

Your posts need to be regular and you need to work hard to ensure that your work is on time all of the time. Selling is tough – a lot of bloggers will be contacted with products to advertise, but can’t effectively do this. Try to be as natural as possible and learn how to sell something to your audience without pushing them away or making them feel like a customer base.

If you can treat your blog like a business, you’ll master the business side of blogging with ease.

Love, M.

Little Things That Can Transform Your Work Habits

Being an entrepreneur with good work habits sounds like an easy gig, but it is far from simple. Sure, you get the benefit of working from home and being the boss and have your own work habits. But, you also have to deal with working from home! As you know, sitting in front of the TV with a laptop can affect your productivity.

In the grand scheme of things, a low output will harm your chances of success. In other words, entrepreneurs need to be productive at all times to not become another statistic. As it happens, a few basic additions to your life can make all of the difference.

A White Board Calendar

Life rushes by when you have to make quick decisions. You have to organise meetings, pay bills, and attend events to make contacts. While you’re trying to do this, you can lose track of time and forget about important dates. Sometimes, it has no effect whatsoever. Other times, it can be the work habit that brings your operation to its knees.

A white board calendar will help because it allows you to track your movements. If you have a meeting on a certain day, pencil it in. Well, you should use a marker, but you understand the expression! Organising your timetable means there is no need to forget about essential information.


A Coffee Machine

It goes without saying that this only applies to people that like coffee. If you are a caffeine addict, a machine can work wonders. For starters, it will get you out of bed in the morning on time. And, it will also increase your ability to work even when you’re tired and can’t be bothered. Coffee is good like that. In fact, just the sight of office coffee machines is enough to make most employees increase their output.

Another reason a coffee machine is so effective is that it encourages you to take a break. Working hard doesn’t mean working all the hours God sends. It means doing the right things at the right times. Sometimes, sitting back and enjoying a mug of liquid gold is beneficial because it improves your focus.


A Host Of Electronics

The topic of electronics isn’t an easy one to navigate. There is no doubt that some devices ruin your output. But, it’s also irrefutable that some increase productivity levels. What isn’t hard is to understand that you need the ones which enhance your work. The hard part is to know which ones they are because the lines are blurred.

A smartphone is a perfect example for entrepreneurs. Phones have lots of apps which allow you to multitask, but they are also an interruption. What should you do? You should get a work phone that you only use during office hours. That way, your friends on WhatsApp won’t be a disturbance. Other useful electronics include a printer, a tablet, and a speaker (music helps some individuals). Lose the TV as it will upset your focus.

They are only small additions, but they make the biggest difference. Just remember that bigger isn’t always better and you’ll be more productive than ever.  Do you use some of them?

Love, M.

Pulling Your Business Into This Century Might Not be as Hard as You Imagine

Is your business still stuck in the past a little? We’re getting to the point where businesses of the past are dying off and being replaced by newer and more dynamic businesses. If you want your company to last for a little longer, you’re going to have to start moving with the times.

This might seem like a big problem that you’ll struggle to overcome, but it doesn’t actually have to be that way. In fact, the whole task could turn out to be a lot easier than you imagine.

Continually Improve the IT Setup You Rely On

Every business is reliant on IT today. Even if you have a business that’s a little behind the times, you probably still use computers and store things digitally. But having an IT setup is not the same as having a strong, secure and beneficial IT setup that helps your company to excel.

If you don’t have proper support and oversight in place, you could end up with a company that has an IT system that’s simply not up to scratch. You can go to if you need help with this. You should also try to keep updating the tech that your employees rely on to get their work done.


Make Equality a Central Pillar of the Business

These days all modern businesses have to have a social conscience and an ethical outlook. If you don’t run a business that is equal in terms of how people are treated at work, then you will be seen as regressive and stuck in the past. And why would anyone want to buy from a business that operates in that way?

You should make it clear that your business has equality as a central pillar of its existence. This is a way of instantly updating and modernising your business, as well as simply changing it for the better.

Come Down from Your High Castle and Interact More

People expect businesses to have a human face and a human voice. This is in part down to the rise of social media. Businesses have to be on these platforms, and they have to be human and engaging in order to build a social following. If your business is still completely disconnected from the people who are your customers, you have a problem.

You should come down from your high castle and start interacting with normal people a bit more. It will make your business appear more friendly and more appealing. That can only be a good thing for you.


Make the Most of Data

Data is a pretty big deal in the world of business right now. And that’s a trend that is only going to get bigger and bigger as time passes. You should go to if you want to learn more about how your company should be taking advantage of data. It could help you to make your business more efficient, improve what it does and appeal to customers more. All of those things are really important.

Love, M.

Ensure Speedy Health Treatment with This Guide

A lot of us are going to experience some worrying health problem at some point in our lives. Not the most positive way to start an article, but it’s the truth! So how can we ensure that if something goes wrong that we’re able to get the treatment we need as quickly as possible? Speed can be a major asset when it comes to solving such health problems. Let’s take a look at the ways in which you can help ensure you’re treated as soon as you need to be.

1.Keep an eye on things

How much sleep do you usually get, and how awake or tired do you usually feel afterwards? Or how much exercise are you currently capable of before wearing yourself out or triggering some sort of pain? How stressed or relaxed are you on the average day? How often do you get headaches? Is your ability to concentrate on a given piece of writing for long periods good?

If you don’t know any of these things, then you’re much less likely to notice if anything changes in these areas – and changes in these areas can be signs that something is going awry. Know more about your current health status if you want to ensure you catch problems quickly.

2. Get physical checkups

It’s recommended that you get at least two physical checkups from your physician every year. This is an essential accompaniment to keeping track of your own health and looking out for telltale signs (more on that later). Unfortunately, a lot of people aren’t bothering with these checkups. They’ll go to their doctor when they feel something is amiss and that’s about it. Make sure you get the occasional checkup to ensure you’re remaining in good health across the period of a year.

3. Consider private healthcare

A lot of people seem to consider private healthcare to be something the devil created, something that only the rich and selfish are able to get. But the problem with public healthcare is that it takes much longer to get issues resolved. Consider the UK’s NHS, for example, which has a notorious reputation when it comes to treating people for cancer and other serious issues.

Low profits are reducing incentives for people to become doctors, so there are now fewer doctors treating an ever-increasing population. If you fall ill and need fast treatment, those waiting lists won’t be your friend. With a private health plan, you have a better chance of getting the treatment you need when you need it.

4. Know the telltale signs

It’s definitely worth knowing about some of the telltale signs of more serious health problems. The problem, of course, is that learning about such telltale signs often leads people to become convinced that such signs are manifesting themselves when there’s actually nothing wrong! (Make no mistake – hypochondria is no laughing matter, and is often exacerbated by spending too much time reading about possible symptoms.)

It’s best to focus on the more noticeable symptoms. Mood changes can indicate health problems, for example. Increased migraines and aches, too, should be checked out in case something serious is occurring. When you catch these things early, that’s when you have the best chance of resolving problems.

Love, M.

Forge Your Own Path in Life and Obtain Financial Freedom

The path to financial freedom is a one covered in a lot of challenges, but it’s one that is worth the journey in the end. Financial freedom doesn’t just mean that you’re rich, however. Financial freedom means that you have the ability to live the life you want, to put money where you see fit, and to buy whatever you want.

Obtaining financial freedom typically means that you have multiple streams of income so that if you were to lose your job due to unfortunate circumstances, you would still have the ability to pay the rent, your bills, and buy groceries while still having enough money left over for entertainment.

It’s also about saving money and spending it smartly, but in this article, we’ll focus on how you can obtain financial freedom with the help of investments and career choices. After all, being financially independent does require money.

1. Starting a Business

Nothing offers you freedom like starting your own business. Whether it’s your own business selling products, providing a service like freelancing or even creating a successful blog that you eventually monetize, there are many different types of business that you can start. However, starting a business can be a daunting task and you might end up regretting your decisions due to the amount of money you have to invest.

Sadly, there’s not much you can do to ensure your chances of success outside of doing plenty of market research, finding partners to collaborate with and accepting failure as a form of learning.

2. Investing in Something

Instead of giving your money to the bank to look after, why not invest in stocks and shares, property, or even assets like currency and gold? Property investments can be a little tricky because it requires a lot of work, which is why investing in land is a much more promising decision that has less associated risk.

You don’t have to do anything to land in order to make it sell, you don’t have to spend extra cash developing it and it’s fairly cheap. However, since it’s a safe investment, you typically won’t be making huge profits by buying and selling land, but it offers you a safety net as opposed to full-scale property development.

In terms of stocks and shares, it’s important that you focus on a single type of investment, and one of the best ways to start is to learn about penny stocks. If you’re wondering “is there an app for penny stocks?” then you’d be in luck. There are plenty of ways you use your smartphone device or tablet to invest in penny stocks, and there are many online resources to help you learn about the nature of trading in stocks and shares.
Keep in mind that despite the name, penny stocks rarely cost a penny. Due to how violently their value can fluctuate, you should never invest more money than you can afford and you should always play it safe. Learning how to trade in stocks and shares can be difficult, but penny stocks are a fantastic way to make a living if you don’t have the money to invest in regular power shares.

Love, M.