Personal: Lessons Learned from Living Alone

Hello my dear readers. I’ve been trying to keep up with my life and blog these months but actually it can get a bit hard. I’ve been living alone for a half year now, away from my parents and a few good friends. Living alone can be challenging, I had some struggles with loneliness and figuring out everything that needed to be done – and was done by my mum before. It’s kind of a growing up thing, I think.

Studying for my master’s degree, working and experiencing work loss, trying to keep up with friends since your family isn’t here and having a Pinterest-worthy home is a nightmare. I learned it the hard way. Usually I have tons of energy and I want to do everything by myself, but literally, you can’t. So here’s what I’ve learned by living apart from my family:

  1. My mum is a hero. How does she do it? No wonder she falls asleep at 9 p.m. Work and tidy home is still a struggle for me. I can’t tell you how angry I get when I clean the apartment up, cook lunch and it’s all a mess again. My mum is constantly cleaning. I surely can’t do that, but I still haven’t found the perfect recipe to keep everything organised. If you have some advice, here I am – leave me a comment below.
  2. You grow so much. I was so anxious of leaving home because my panic anxiety kicking in from time to time, but actually you realise you don’t have a choice. You live on your own. You feel good, next day you feel crappy but you are kind of forced to get things done and not think about¬†catastrophizing everything. That’s how I get up, do what I have to do, go to meeting, cook lunch and I can tell my anxiety is getting better and better.
  3. Keeping it organised for Uni is a dream. It gets messy, you have tons of work, some early exams, you need to attend classes and time just flies. I can’t thank enough my classmates that are so cool and friendly we share everything. Check out my Uni sis on her Instagram over here, click. Everything would be a step harder without her. So step out of your comfort zone, engage, meet people and you’ll see it gets easier when you’re not alone.
  4. Friends become your new family. Thank God I have some of my closest friends living just a few minutes away from me. That’s how I don’t get homesick. It’s hard to actually have time for all of them, but just squeeze them into your day. I feel like a new person after a coffee with my beloved Eva, a quick walk to the lake of just a movie night. Friends do become your own lil’ family.
  5. ¬†And when you are really alone – here are your pets! Having my little Zoya with me makes my day brighter, we have fun, play, walk, cuddle. She’s just full of love. However, if you have a small apartment, you should consider having pets. They need their space, free time, time to play, space to sleep. Do you have enough time and money to take good care of it? Look at her, she’s my blogging assistant. What would I do without her <3

How are you coping with living away from your parents? Are you homesick? Do you want to return sometime?