Blogging Essentials: Tempting Back Lost & Infrequent Readers

Returning readers are essential to the success of any blog, especially one you hope to be able to generate an income from. A loyal readership is a ticket to a chance to make money now and in the future, so it’s well worth taking the time to cultivate an engaged and responsive group of viewers.

As time passes and your blog grows, you might notice something amiss in your analytics or blog comments. One-time loyal readers have suddenly deserted you or reduced the frequency of their visits, for no apparent reason. Your numbers are impacted, and your blogging outlook is worsened by the loss of your following. Getting engagement with your blog to rise becomes a priority — so what should you try in order to ensure people come back, time and time again?

1.Remind Them Your Blog Exists

Often, readers will just have forgotten to visit your blog — overwhelmed by life circumstances or missing your RSS updates on Twitter. That’s why it’s important to try and capture readers in an email list. This allows you to promote your blog using existing email marketing techniques such as those described at and allow your readers to have a regular reminder to visit your site. Encourage viewers to sign up for email alerts as soon as they arrive on your site via a pop-up banner.

To bring back readers who have stopped visiting your blog, introduce the idea of email-only exclusive content. Promote the promise of this content on your blog and social media frequently; hopefully, a disengaged reader will notice the new offering and be inspired to sign up. Sometimes, just doing something different to their usual experience of your content can be enough to re-energise their enthusiasm.

  1. Ask For Feedback

Asking the existing readers of your blog for feedback on what you’re producing could be a clue to why you’ve lost some readers. To get this vital information, create a contact form — there are plenty of WordPress plugins to help you do this, as listed at — and then ask readers to fill in answers to a few basic questions about the blog. This might elicit some negative responses, which will be difficult to read, but it also gives you a way forward to fix any problems.

Not only can you fix problems for the sake of your existing readers, but lost readers might be tempted back by the sign that things are changing on your blog for the better.


  1. Add A New Type Of Content

If you’re producing much of the same content week in week out then, eventually, there’s always a chance your readers will have gotten bored. Add in a new section, such as introducing “How To” guides or showing behind-the-scenes of the blog — just something to shake things up. This should reignite a fading passion in the readers who are no longer regulars to your blog, and guarantee they keep coming back for more.

There is always the chance that you have lost a once-loyal reader for good, for reasons absolutely outside of your control. However, by following through the steps above, you can be sure that those that can be enticed back, will be.