4 year Blogiversary: What I’ve learned and Plans for Future

Can you believe it if I say my blog is FOUR years old !? I can’t really. From my first posts (I remember the ones with apartment deco ideas to those terrible photos with bad lighting) to now. A long journey is behind me and I am 100% sure I am on the right way and not stopping at all! I wanted this post to be totally personal, to share what I’ve become, what I learned and what are my plans for future with my blog.

Looking back

What a year! I travelled! Not a lot, but I did. I got rid of my anxiety in the way I can go places now! I visited Italy, went to a spree in Austria, had my summer in Croatia with my friend, spent time in the cathedral. I tried to insert some travel inspired posts but  learned that’s just not me. Personally I prefer my travel blogging friends that can rave about every corner and make it look a paradise (Ajda, Tina, I’m watching you. And reading, of course).


This year I really put my anxiety to the side and also met some of my fellow bloggers. I fell in love with Rebeka, who is mainly active on her Facebook, click. Although we had only a couple of minutes together I enjoyed her energy so much! Also her way of writing is my inspiration to expressing myself in my mother language.

Of course this year I also partnered with some new companies and some still on the way. I am really happy, proud and grateful for everyone that connects and works with me as an influencer and blogger. However, my collaborations are a bit fewer. Maybe because I am a bit more picky, or because I just want to feel the brand I’m working for. I am always open for new propositions.  As much as I love to work with new brands, I am also in love with those I am working with all those years. My heart is beating faster, I am so grateful for the opportunities you give me!

Plans for future

Starting a blog was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. I’m moving in a month to the city so I was thinking about going viral on Youtube. Let me know what you think down in the comments. Like I told you before, I’m planning on some cool collaborations as well. Being in the city will allow me to attend more events and meet more people. I also want to meet more bloggers, spend time with them, go to brunch, etc.

My wish is to launch my own beauty range until Christmas. We’ll see how good will I be. Of course I want to travel some more, but because of me moving maybe some quick trips could do the work just as well.

What I want the most is to keep up my honest and hard work, grow my blogging family as I call you guys, my dear readers and grew my blog as much as possible. Again, I am so happy and grateful for everything from collaborations to your comments, likes, kind words, everything. Sending you a big hug and kiss!