Increase Your Email Open Rates

Do your email messages demand to be opened, or do they invariably end up in your subscribers’ trash cans without ever being looked at? If it’s the latter, you’re wasting time and money on ineffective marketing campaigns that won’t help your business to grow. You need to do something about that, and increase your email open rates so that you can increase your conversions.

Here are some simple things you can do to make your emails look more attractive to the recipients:

Make an Excellent First Impression

Making a good first impression, I’m sure you will know, is half the battle if you want to attract customers in their droves. In terms of email communications, the first things recipients will see are the subject line and your email address. It makes sense then, to make these two things more attractive.

Instead of having your email address as, perhaps set it to your name or the name of a prominent employee instead. This will give the email more gravitas and the kind of personal touch that encourages opening.

When it comes to the subject line, you need to keep it short, sweet and intriguing. A sentence that asks a question offers a good deal or makes the recipient want to know more, will see them opening your emails in their droves.

Choose the Right Time

Sending your emails out at the right time will increase open rates immensely, but it isn’t always obvious when the right time for your audience might be. That means you’re probably going to want to experiment a bit, but sending out emails at the end of the month when a lot of people get paid, weekends when more people are at home relaxing and during peak times for your niche should increase your open rates significantly.

A Great Template
Simple, attractive and elegant email newsletter templates will impress your target audience so that they are more likely to open them the next time. Obviously, this won’t help you increase your open rate in the first instance, but if the other techniques work, and your readers see a brilliantly crafted email, they’re more likely to keep reading in the weeks and months ahead.

Avoid a Trip to the Spam Filter

The last thing you want after you’ve spent an hour crafting the perfect copy, choosing the right images to draw the reader in and sending out to the masses is to have your email end up in the spam filter where it is unlikely to be read by anyone. So, avoid typically spammy practices like using all capital letters, poor HTML practices and spend some time perusing SpamAssassin to avoid that particular fate.

Make it Simple and Give incentives

Making it easier for visitors to your website to sign up for emails and giving the good reasons to do so, with free gifts and money off, will ensure that you have a number of eager people waiting to receive your emails, especially if you periodically send out new offers only to your subscribers.

Increasing your email open rates is easy if you take the time to put the above into action and keep improving your copy. It really is that simple.