Living with a puppy: Things to consider when wanting a dog

Before this post went online, I got stuck in some TED talks. I am currently updating my life, probably moving (say whoot!) and starting my master’s in our capital. This is huge for me and of course my anxiety knocks on the door from time to time, that’s why I am trying to surround myself in some positivity.

This post is all about little balls of fur – puppies! I know how much you want one. A little companion that will always be by your side, sleeping in your bed and cuddling in the cold winter evening. I got my lil’ chihuahua two and a half years ago. I raised her and believe me, I know those tips I am going to share with you.

  1. Adopt 1.Adopting is the best possible way to save a life (if you are not a surgeon – in that case, well done). I own a dog that’s been adopted and you really can feel the grateful he is to have home. I also own a dog that I bought from breeders, and you can tell the difference, trust me.
  2. You would need money. Oh yes you would. Dogs need equipment, toys, some clothes for winter, food, school, veterinarian, vaccination, chipping. Didn’t think about that? Maybe you aren’t prepared for owning a dog after all. Small breeds can have stomach problems etc., and in our country one veterinary session costs around 100$. So yes, money.
  3. Time. First few weeks are crucial, maybe even months. You need to spend all your time with your new member, teach him, feed him, walk him, present all other family members, potty training (oh my god, this lasted forever).
  4. Are you a traveller? Where will your dog be when you are not at home? Can somebody take care of him?
  5. School. Depends on your wishes, but let me tell you schooling my dog was the best decision I made for her and myself. She is much calmer, socialised, fearless (yes mum, you wish). 


Of course having a little companion is the coolest thing ever. I love my little one. She understands me without saying a word (or wuff), she has been such a helper with my anxiety and has brighten my world completely. Owning a pet is a huge responsibility, have in mind that a pet would need a walk even when you don’t feel like it or if it would rain, be cold, etc. Have in mind that anything can happen and you need to be prepared for that.

Nevertheless, a lil’dance with my love can shine a light into my life right away. I never ever regret my decision about being a dog mum. Do you? What’s been your biggest struggle about owning a dog?