Catching up on Sunday

Sunday with bladder issues again isn’t a really good combination for someone running around all the time. I struggle to stay in and do nothing, so while watching Orange is the black (which is my all time favourite) and craving something good, I’ll just do a quick catch up.

1. I’m currently obsessing over the book When breath becomes air. A heart breaking story with real life medical cases is something I’ve been searching for a long time. It’s a turn pager really, and I end up falling asleep while reading it every night this week.

2. Sunday is the day for dreaming about a new hairstyle. A bit shorter, some bayalage? What’s in this summer? The upcoming week will be all about taking care for myself. Since my bladder infection I need to take some supplements, go running at least every other day (I’ve been a really good girl since I got my treadmill) and maybe a hair change come within 🙂

3. I’ve also been redecorating my apartment. My vanity is on sale and I will redo my makeup space, put some flowers in the living room and some new mugs and glasses into my kitchen. I’m searching for some cute European stores/or worldwide, just that they ship to Europe, so for any recommendation please let me a comment down below.

4. Pinterest has always been my love. I could spend years on it, but I still haven’t found the best way to connect it with my blog. This is my ultimate project.

5. Planning my summer vacation: Florence, Naples and Rome. Sounds dreamy, right? Can’t wait to listen to best music in Naples,  eat and explore Tuscany and connect with Rome. So happy!